Wednesday 3 March 2010

The BBC has caught on to the Super!Power! movement. They are now working for us in spreading the word of the revolution.
Power to the people.

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Super! Residency! in Stockholm

Super! Power! is undertaking a residency in Alby in Stockholm. It's a special type of residency, a Super Residency and is a part of the project "Vertical Exile - Botkyrka/Stockholm 2010." Super! Power! will be interviewing people - what do they think Super! Power! really is? What can it be? And we will popping up amongst the icicles and mounds of snow in Alby to make small dances. We will also be dropping by orchestra rehearsals, youth centre dance classes and setting up in the local library to make some more videos.

Thursday 28 January 2010

Mashable's Top Ten "YouTube Do Good'ers"

Here is a list of ten videos uploaded onto YouTube, by the big names and by the little fella's that had an impact on the world for good! It's compiled by the social media blog Mashable. Here it is.

Wednesday 27 January 2010

Super! Power! Horizon Walk

Some think that it was Christopher Columbus who discovered that the world was round. In fact there were many before CC who had worked out that we're all encapsulated on the same big ball we call Earth.

Homer thought it was flat (the ancient Greek Homer) but then already in 570BC Pythagoras postulated that it was round. A century later Aristotle decided that it was, indeed round. Leave it to the clever Greek investigator Eratosthenes to bring it all together with a calculation (and a remarkably accurate one!) about the diameter of the earth, and also the inclination of its axis of rotation to its orbital plane about the sun. Amazing! And later in Medieval Europe, the earth was thought to be flat. Which is why CC takes most of the cred for this with his 17th century exploring.

The most important thing about this is that we CAN, if only in theory, take a stroll around the whole entire globe. Which is what we would like to do. From the hottest most arid climes to the mountainous chilly peaks, with a little help from YouTube, let's take a complete spin around the world. Watch this video and see how we can do it. YES WE CAN!!!

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Some Super! Power! from Russia

We came across two videos from Russia today, they could not be more different. This is a brilliant comparison of how Super! Power! is used and abused and proliferated on the web. In one we have a Russian policeman using YouTube to speak out against corruption, brilliant. The other is a video of Vladimir Putin bringing his politics to the youth of Russia promoting healthy lifestyles. One is uploaded by a small guy seeking justice, putting his neck on the line big time. The other is, well, one of the weirdest things we have seen in a while.

Super! Power! found images

Where does Super! Power! exist? It's everywhere...

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Super! Power! in Graz

Super! Power! spent a magical week in Graz, Austria at the Steirischer Herbst Festival. So what happened? We had another day of writing song lyrics. See here. We made another mass choreography, this time we we were able to go all Busby Berkley crazy and film from above, it was great fun. And we made not one, but two choirs. Steve managed to get his musical hands on a REAL Austrian choir - choir boys and girls from way back. It was spine tingling. And we would like to announce an addition to the Super! Power! team Louis Zach Heather...

Thursday 22 January 2009

Sat 24 Jan - Cheesy and Sleazy Lyric Writing Stall

Ice cold lemonade was available in exchange for Rock Opera poetry. Super! Power! set up a lyric writing stall at the Perth Cultural Centre Markets. Armed with dictionaries, limericks and snippets of the greatest speeches and song lyrics ever penned, they spend the day in the sun shine being wordsmiths. The Super! Power! team had their notebooks open and their dictaphones ready between the hours of 08:30am and 5:00pm.

Sun 25 Jan - Ride with Super! Power!

Have a look who rode with Super! Power! to Armadale and back (whilst making a Rock Opera). Departure was at 11:00am from Perth Train Station.

Mon 26 Jan - Australia Day on the Perth Foreshore

26 of January is Australia Day, and most celebrated on the Perth foreshore, in anticipation of an explosive display of fireworks (to the sounds of "Great Southern Land.") Super! Power! roamed through the masses of picnic-goers and party revellers, picking up dancers and cricket players.

Wed 28 Jan - Democracy! Fuck Yeah! and TOMMY

"Democracy! Fuck Yeah! It's not a social movement it's a dance" is a lecture presented by Siegmar Zacharias that weaves through YouTube phenomena and tells a tale of activism and activation. This lecture acts as a base to the entire project. Guests were informed whilst sipping wine. Then... we launch into a screening of TOMMY. One of the masterpieces of the Rock Opera genre.

Thurs 29 Jan - Suburban Synchronised Swimming

Perth swimming pools were graced with human dolphins and seals. Old Hollywood Water Musicals were re-enacted in kidney shaped pools in local backyards and at local swimming pools surrounded by gum trees. Zinc and sun-cream provided.

Fri 30 Jan - Bonfire Choir (and BBQ)

Let's unite our voices in choir whilst encircling the bon-fire at. BBQ fired up at 8pm at Spectrum Gallery.

Sat 31 Jan - Super! Power! Walk (whilst making a...) and Drones of Democracy

Walk from PICA to Spectrum Gallery in Northbridge, then join in the 'Drones of Democracy' jam session. Walk commences at 6:00pm, and the jam session kicks off at 8:00pm. Featuring a plethora of Perth musicians (and non-musicians) channelling their inner Rock God.

Thurs 05 Feb - West Side Story & Blue Light Disco

A mini dance movie production at Spectrum Gallery.

Fri 06 Feb - SWEAT - The Movie

Screening of the film at Spectrum Gallery. Created in Vienna in 2008 'SWEAT - The Movie' tells the tale of 12 choreographers embarking on a journey in love, life and dance whilst attending a workshop at a European Dance Festival.

Wednesday 14 January 2009

Rock Opera, A Definition

Rock operas, concept albums, song cycles and oratorios all differ from a conventional rock album, which usually includes songs that are unrelated to each other in terms of storyline. More recent developments include metal opera and rap opera (sometimes also called hip-hopera). The category a particular work falls into is, to some extent, defined by the intent and self-definition of the work by its creator, as long as the creator's interpretation does not stray too far from the accepted definition of what constitutes a rock opera. The formal distinction may be that the rock opera tells a coherent (if sometimes sketchy) story, often with first-person lyrics sung by characters; while a concept album or song cycle sets a mood or maintains a theme.

Friday 28 November 2008


One music video. One dance video. This is what we start with. The rest of the material is produced by YouTube practitioners. The goal of this project is not to point to YouTube as an example of today’s society, but let its specific mechanics inform the production of theatre. Using the snowball effect of video responses we generate versions and interpretations of our own uploaded material. Together they will be composed into a fabric through which live performers and virtual performers communicate together to create an emerging community of practice. They are not bound by identity but by doing something together. We are making a DIY Rock Opera that addresses questions of democracy and collectivity.

The PLOT is inspired by the idea of the seven generic plots that all stories are based on: overcoming the monster, rags to riches, the quest, voyage and return, comedy, tragedy and rebirth. We will use all these plots however not to hail one hero, but to celebrate the emerging community.

The MUSIC is inspired by stadium rock. For this project The Understated Brown will launch their first original song in the style of stadium rock on YouTube and rework their own song through the interpretations of the response videos live.

The DANCE is inspired by social dances such as line dances and variations of iconic dance moves working on a new form of how to communicate a dance we can all dance together. An "original" dance will be put onto YouTube encouraging users to make it their own, opening up to different genres, landscapes, solos and mass choreographies.

The task is to make a show that doesn't just show but creates a community. Super! Power! - The Rock Opera